New Hope Cambodia is an organisation who provides free education, medical and welfare services to the people of Mondul Bai.
Their mission is to restore hope, dignity and promise to these once proud and prosperous people.
If you want to help or read more about it, visit:


We woke up at 05 AM to catch the bus to Cambodia. When we arrived we took a tuktuk to a children`s school to visit the kids there. The teacher told us about the school, and the kids had a couple of songs they had prepared for us. We had so much fun playing around with the kids, and learning about how it`s like living in Cambodia. We met their families, and walked around the area they lived in. Even though Cambodia is an extremely pore country, they all had enough food and seemed really happy. The whole place had a safe and fun vibe. After visiting the Children`s school, we went to see the school where the older kids studied. They had exams this day, so we could go in the classrooms or talk to the students, but we got to see the rest of the little school. We also got a home made meal (wich was delicious), and learned a lot about what the organisation had done and did to help the people in cambodia. It really was an amazing experience.

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